A quick little self/friend-promotion....

so, as a little side project taking what i'm learning from my job and as a favor to a good friend (the best one), i have been putting some effort into building a website, a blog.

it is definitely worth the read, he is quite a talented writer....so go check it out and take a look at my handiwork.

The site is Chispa Stories and the blog will document my friend as he travels throughout Central America looking for delicious and, at times, scary food.

seriously, go.... now.



What a Reunion Show, I need to Stop Missing These Things...

Some of you may or may not know that Rage Against the Machine reunited at Coachella this year. All reports say that it was politically charged and absolutely amazing. The guys at Stereogum had this to say:

"Killing In The Name" was particularly insane; you haven't lived until you've yelled "Fuck you I won't do what you tell me," pumping fists with 60,000 sunburned kids in the desert.

And with a set list like this, who is to say any different:

01 "Testify"

02 "Bulls On Parade"

03 "People Of The Sun"

04 "Bombtrack"

05 "Bullet In The Head"

06 "Down Rodeo"

07 "Guerrilla Radio"

08 "Renegades Of Funk"

09 "Calm Like A Bomb"

10 "Sleep Now In The Fire"

11 "Wake Up"

12 "Freedom"

13 "Killing In The Name"

By the end of that you had to have experienced some sort of cathartic musical revelation, or just ended up really, really angry....at everything.

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