cause and effect....

so i first remember hearing about Reggie and the Full Effect when their album promotional copy came out, mainly because it was so good and so weird in so many ways. it came out when emo was burgeoning right around 2000 and some of the songs were awesome post-punk power pop masterpieces with tguk and anniversary-ish keyboards, some were more like an emo Adam Sandler. my memory is not always what i would like it to be, but i don't remember not thinking that "Reggie" was the keyboardist from tguk. however, apparently there was this whole "thing" over his real identity that i just found out about, whatever. the band consists of James Dewees (the keyboardist and one-time drummer for seminal hardcore band Coalesce) and that is it, just him and his weird sense of humor.
the song that caught my attention back then was called "dwarf invasion", it was written about, well, a dwarf invasion. the lyrics went something like this:

" (hoch hoch.....[repeated many times in background])
hallo americans
this is claus from common denominators
that's the band you are listening to right now
we are from finland
this is our debut album here in america, das grund
this is the dwarf invasion blah
one two three four
you are not my friend
you are my foe
you are two feet tall
you have got to go
this is dwarf invasion (dwarf invasion)
dwarf invasion (dwarf invasion) (dwarf invasion) (dwarf invasion)

shut up dirk
this is not a friend
you are very small
you can barely stand up to me
you can't play basketball
this is dwarf invasion (dwarf invasion)

thank you very much for having us in your country
we'll see you next year
go back to the room
go back

so not the most serious thing i have ever heard, but it was funny and the rest of the album was good.
reggie fell off my radar for a little while during the time that screamo and other harder versions of this music occupied my music listening hours, and, to be honest, stuff that was less of a joke and more serious.
pick back up in the present day and i just heard i song from their new album Songs Not to Get Married To on Vagrant that i really like. apparently he just got a divorce, hence the name of the album, and the new stuff is a little different than it used to be, here is a quote from the man himself:

"This is my new record. It is a little less silly than the last three, but I recently got divorced and lost everything so I don't have much to celebrate these days. However, I am still a happy camper, just single camping now. I hope you enjoy the new record and if my ex-wife is one of those unknown people who gets one of these bios…wow, you scored hella good huh?"

so, yeah... there's no bitterness there. a little more of the Coalesce side of him comes through in some metal-ish songs, but there are also some pop gems included.
anyway, all of that to say that i liked the song and thought that you might also enjoy it, so here you go:
- get well soon

and some other songs from the new album:
- what the hell is contempt?
- what the hell is stipulation?

and an old song just for the hell of it from promotional copy, mainly becuase i can't find the dwarf invasion mp3 anywhere on the whole wide worldwide web:
- from me 2 u

::bye bye::



i just couldn't stop laughing....

i found out this morning that one of my good friends (who i love dearly) is thinking of getting a new puppy. when asked by my wife what breed, she replied "a golden doodle".... dead silence on my end while this was being relayed to me. i finally broke down and asked what a "golden doodle" is and was directed to www.atlantagoldendoodles.com . apparently, this is a mix between a golden retriever and a poodle. i did some research and found a link to www.goldendoodles.com, where i also found a breed called a "labradoodle".
let the hilarity ensue....
in light of my recent discovery of these cross-breeds, i have some suggestions for other crosses that might involve the ubiquitous poodle:

st. bernoodle
great doodle (the mechanics of this breeding session would be mind boggling)
australian shepoodle

i also found this quote on www.goldendoodles.com:

"The size of the Dood depends on its parentage."

it just seems so obvious that the parentage having something to do with the size of the ... oh wait, they didn't, did they? they did...

what happens if you get a golden shower from a golden doodle?



out of necessity...

so now that my favorite poker blog/news site has my blog linked on their page, i feel compelled to update and post more...also i just wanted to.

Brunch for the Bayou - this was a great event and in its entirety (auction, poker tourney, donations, etc) i overheard someone say that they were going to clear about $50k for Operation: Home Delivery and Habitat for Humanity. the tourney itself went well (mostly because i was the tourney director, ahem) and was won by Sammy "killer" Reid, go here for a complete update.

i was watching steven's untitled rock show on fuse while doing something else that needed decent background music and as i was about to turn off the tv and head to bed and i hear the opening notes of one of the best songs ever written... "seven" by Sunny Day Real Estate. in high school (when the album diary came out) my parents didn't pay for MTV so i never got a chance to see this video on alternative nation or 120 minutes, and believe it or not this was the first time i had ever seen it. it was low tech brilliance at a time before internet and digital editing on home pc's... i salivated over every second of it, and marveled at how young Jeremy looks, especially with the nose ring. ahhh, the good old days. i listened to the whole album on my hi-tech ipod today and loved it again. i could almost close my eyes and be back in high school.

i just followed a bunch of links while looking for links and spent a lot of time reading old forums and message boards from when SDRE broke up what seems like a milion years ago and then got back together....all of that to say that i have used up all of my blog time this evening.

there is more to write about, but that will come at a later date...i promise.