new release tuesday...

the new cursive album, happy hollow, drops today on saddle creek records.

listen to these and then go and buy it at your local record shop.

cursive - happy hollow
- dorothy at forty
- bad sects

you can also stream the album at the top of this page.

also dropping today:

Paris Hilton - Paris Hilton

i would not suggest listening to and or buying this in any way, shape, or form.

Outkast - Idlewild

however, i would definitely suggest this album as it sounds like it could be interesting. listen to bits and pieces of it on their myspace page.



new post at WCP...

like i said, if i'm gonna write about poker then it would probably be for Wicked Chops Poker.

so i did and have and you should go read it.

super robots of profit generation



i just ain't buyin' it...

this clip looks horribly staged and is 10 mins long so i wouldn't blame you for not watching it.... apparently, Kelly Clarkson showed up at a Metal Skool (80's metal cover band) and was recognized by the band who asked her on stage and then got her to drink straight out the bottle, as it were, and asked to see her chubby bunnies, who wouldn't.
they correctly point out that the only reason she would be there is to create a more "edgy" image for herself. however, i have a better question: What in the hell kind of image is the lead singer for Yellowcard trying to create by hanging out with Kelly Clarkson?!?!? i won't make fun of him for going to see this show, because i would be there in a heartbeat, just his choice of weirdly drunk and make-up less company....actually, now that i think about it, i'm more disappointed in her for being there with him.



the best music video ever...?

so this isn't high-budget Jamiroquai-style music video makin', but this is by far one of the best and most entertaining videos i have ever seen.... they definitely can't dance like Jay Kay but dammit it's brilliant! (at times it almost reminds me of the dancing in The Full Monty)

ok go - here it goes again



ghosts riding on my ship...

so i sent out an e-mail to my group of fun-loving friends with a link to this article and also a link to some videos on youtube (including this one which makes me laugh a lot)....all to do with the "new" phenomenon sweeping the web that cites it's origin in a song by E40 in which he repeats the phrase, "ghost ridin the whip"...

this was the response i received from one of them. i never thought kids in/on/around cars could inspire such vitriol...

I love how silly reporters think they understand the history of names and trends and phrases when something "new" happens and all they did was look on wikipedia for their research.

Ghost riding is an updated version of car surfing, which has been going on for decades and has killed young people across the country.

Nope. Actually, "ghost riding" is when you take your bike and push it down a hill to see how far it would go and how it crashed. The name comes very obviously, form the fact that a ghost is "riding" your bike. Hence, ghost riding. And crashing is a given in ghost riding, not a maybe. That because ghosts are terrible at riding bikes and are very malevolent by nature. Seeking to completely destroy your bike because they hate you for not being a codemned soul and forced to walk the earth for eternity. Its a scientific fact and everyone knows that.

So, now we have ghost ridin the whip. Well firstthing, you don't ride a car. You drive a car. So ghost ridin a whip would mean there is a ghost ridin your car, i.e. there is an invisible ghost on top of your car. That is stupid. In that case, I am ghost ridin my truck out in the parking lot and really every other time something or someone is not on top of my car. But even then, maybe the ghost is on top of them. I would be still be ghost ridin. This is something completely different. Sure, some of these kids might ride on top of the car. Or get out and walk like 3 feet by their car or dance out of the window. There is no ghost "controlling" your car if you haven't left the front seat. And I know for a fact that ghosts don't show up for a couple of seconds of riding or driving or whatever, only for the longer trips that end in destruction. Now if you got on top of your roof while you the car is moving and there is nobody in the driver's seat, well that's another story isn't it. But something tells me there won't be many people doing that. Regardless, it wouldn't be ghost ridin or it would be ghost drivin because that is what the ghost would be doing, driving. So name it that or something else. Call it surfin the whip or ghost surfing or gay riding the broof. The real truth is, that this has nothing do with do with ghost riding, does it? Really, it is just an updated version of a chinese fire drill. Except the car is moving. Which I am sure has happened more than a few times by accident during a real chinese fire drill. And believe me that is a lot more scary than planning some sweet street moves with your boyfriends. But ghost and whip sound a lot cooler, don't they? So we'll let you have your fun for now and enjoy your Web 2.0 fame while it lasts. But guess what E40 and other rich high school kids with a video camera, if you want to do it right and be really "hard", you would just get out of your car and watch that mug go down a big hill and see what happened. Then, and only then, will you be truly ghost ridin the whip. Suckas.

one of my other friends then responded with the below video:


the final nail in the coffin....?

so according to this site, i can brag about how much my blog is "worth" by posting the following graphic:

My blog is worth $1,693.62.
How much is your blog worth?

i feel very conflicted about this and whether or not this is something to brag about. seems like an awful lot of hours to pour into something for such little return....but then again if i could actually get that amount then i might consider selling. turns out my blog would be worth about $500 if that were the criteria....

i've looked at my friends blogs' and they appear to be worth about the same, some less and some a little more....so, i guess i can't really expect any more than that. however, i found a blog that some guy started about his car that's worth more than mine, that was kind of demoralizing. then again, i'm not really sure how the worth is calculated.

oh well, here are some songs and i'll see about getting back in the swing of this thing:

portugal, the man
- stables & chairs
- aka m80 the wolf
- tommy

video of lovedrug live at CBGB's: wma

brandston - today (smashing pumpkins cover, live at the fireside bowl)