i like it, i really like it...

self-described in a tongue-in-cheek manner as "straightedge texas softcore", there are a lot of things about this "band" (it's actually just a guy named Dan) that some (read "a lot" of) people will scorn...mostly the about about PlayRadioPlay! section of his myspace page.
personally, i care not. as some of you may remember from the very beginning of this blog, i grew up around a very strong "christian alternative" scene in and around Atlanta (this was before anyone called it the ATL) and the country and some of the best music that i own, and still listen to, came from that scene, both locally and nationwide.
devotion to a faith, just like to a girl (oh-so emo), and the emotions that go along with that make for honest and thoughful lyrics at times (even before Jeremy Enigk announced his conversion, the internal struggles created incredible poetry, don't even get me started on mineral).
a certain lack of gimmicky-ness is sorely missing in my music collection nowadays. he might be much younger than me and possibly still youthfully naive, but for the love of god he can write some great songs. dare i say he could give Ben a run for his money in his best Postal Service moments.

No apologies, i like it....done.

- Madi Don't Leave
- Compliment Each Other
- Decipher Reflection

these are also the songs that played while i wrote this post.

this might call for a dig into my past in a later post, just to prove a point.




could this really be happening again...?

according to the website itshappeningagain.com, it actually is....well, happening again.

holy long list of expletives....this would be an uncredible experience.

(click image for larger view)

read more about it here.

TITR myspace page



new good music....

i love hot water music therefore i love the new band that has been formed from bits and pieces of that band: the draft.

if you also like hot water music, then you will also like the draft.

do you see how beautifully simple my logic is, it is so beautiful in it's simplicity.

some people say my middle name is, in fact, "logic". others just call me "so-crates". i try to remain humble but the sheer amount of adulation makes it difficult.

so to all of you.... you are welcome. i will indeed keep bringing you delicious new music when i feel so inspired and it will remain brilliant in its delivery.

here is a bit of biographical info from the website:

Jason Black, George Rebelo and Chris Wollard had ventured out of suburban Florida with a focused purpose- turn a few chords and a melody into the most alluring and innovative sounds you've ever heard. Often mentioned in the upper-echelon of post hardcore with Fugazi and Quicksand, this trio made raspy vocals, odd time signatures, and awkward melodies a thing of beauty. Jason, George, Chris and new addition, Todd Rockhill performing under a new moniker- The Draft, continue pleasing crowds with hard hitting, prideful vocals and intelligent melody. At the peak of musical integrity the new name has rejuvenated the trio to a level unrivaled by past projects.

you can also check them out on their myspace page where you can also download some songs.


songs that played during this posting time:

failure - segue 3
the decemberists - eli, the barrow boy
at the drive in - enfilade
planes mistaken for stars - scratching rounds