a new "yob" and a nice dip in the pool...

while my updating at this blog has been, at best, woefully deficient. i have managed to parlay my prodigious blogging skills (????) into a new job with a pr firm (that is to say that i have somehow managed to completely pull the wool over their eyes and convince them that i am capable of things that i am clearly incapable of and would be obvious if they would just read this blog....hmmm, have i said too much?).

this also means that i am leaving the world of non-profits and jumping back into "corporate" America and, god, am i ever ready. however, in working for a small, indie PR firm i have managed to retain a fair portion of my soul, of this i am very grateful.

songs that played:

seville - sleep on my side
dillinger escape plan - jim fear
thunderbirds are now! - from: skulls




watch and be amazed....

this runs at just over an hour, but i may watch it 42 times.

Mineral - 1998 - Last Live Show




list of shows that i may or may not attend...

the bolded ones are the shows where you can definitely find me.


4 - The Hold Steady - Earl
7 - Mastodon – Masquerade (AM+C)
12 – Atreyu – Tabernacle
14 – Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Tabernacle
19 – Pet Shop Boys - Tabernacle
20 – Broken Social Scene – Variety Playhouse
20 - ICP - Masquerade
22 – Minus the Bear – Drunken Unicorn (MJQ)
23 – Minus the Bear – Drunken Unicorn (MJQ)
27 – The Decemberists - Tabernacle
28 – Thunderbirds Are Now - Drunken Unicorn (MJQ)
29 – The Album Leaf, Chin Up Chin Up – The Earl

6 - New Found Glory – Masquerade
9 - Reggie and the Full Effect, Cute is What We Aim For – Masquerade
9 – Panic at the Disco, Bloc Party – Hi-Fi Buys
14 – Cursive and Jeremy Egnik - Variety Playhouse
19 – Death Cab for Cutie - Fox
22 – Lovedrug, Brandston - Masquerade

no promises about show reviews as i made that mistake before and did not come through with anything. my blogging regularity can only be described as infrequent and disappointing... such is life.

songs that played while writing:
braid - capricorn
maritime - people, the vehicles
five eight - bad for us