ok, now i'm really excited

i just caught a myspace bulletin about a new thursday song, and although i wasn't overwhelmed by the previous single from the album... this is awesome. i mean it. awesome. with a capital "awe". the song is called "at this velocity" from the upcoming release a city by the light divided. very raw, ol' fashioned screaming, great breakdown, just really good.
click on the link below and then click on the album cover to stream the song.


i am now really, really excited about the thursday/minus the bear show mentioned in my last post...




oh the places i'll go...

here is a list of my possible concert schedule for this spring.... you should come by and say hi.

march 19 - thunderbirds are now - drunken unicorn
march 22 - straylight run - the loft
april 5 - death cab - tabernacle (actually sold out and i don't have tickets, any donations??)
april 8 - the sounds - masquerade
april 18 - criteria - masquerade
april 21 - still remains - masquerade
may 16 - thursday/minus the bear - the loft

see you around...




new album...

one of my favorite 80's tinged albums from a few years ago (huh?) was living in america by the sounds... a great, infinitely listenable mixture of synth pop and indie garage rock. if you haven't heard it, i would suggest it... it was a great summer album to ride around with the windows down.

the sounds have a new album coming out on March 21st, dying to say this to you, and it promises to deliver the same quality music and the same feeling for summer driving, especially with how nice the weather is in the atl right now.

go listen to the songs stream on their myspace page

for all you atl dwellers, they are playing at the masquerade on april 8. come dance your ass off...




new thursday single...

thursday has posted a new single on their site. a little bit of a departure from the screamo we all know and love from them, but starts to get catchy on the second or third listen. although, thinking about it, it is probably more in line with the musical direction they started in with war all the time. nonetheless, you should give it a fair shake and go catch them on their tour with minus the bear on the shirts for a cure tour.

come out on may 16th in atlanta at the loft and we can hang out.

****HINT: i couldn't get the media player to work correctly on the thursday page, so check the bulletin board under the "5-4-3-2-1" thread and you will find some links to a downloadable version of the song....if they are still working.