some more random things...

so, i basically work with social media sites (web 2.0, this guy is a 2.0 guru, and this site is really cool) in an attempt to create new marketing and pr initiatives via these mediums. i am exploring this role, as are many in the marketing/pr field as it is still a very "trial and error" strategy, some stuff works and some does not. hopefully, we can come up with more "hits" than "misses", i think we can...in fact, i'd have to say i'm pretty confident we can. i have some possible future stuff coming with clients that may or may not be in the works....

here is something that didn't work, and something that i, thank god, would never think of perpetrating:

Sony Takes It Up the Ass for Fake Blog

transparency is just so important that it can't be over-stated. i was a blogger first (albeit a very inconsistent one but a blogger nonetheless) and now i have a job in that arena, i'm not pretending to be a blogger, i just work as one now (and a myspacer, facebooker, digger, del.icio.us'er, feeder, etc...).

one of the biggest things that i have learned is that there is a tremendous amount of work that goes into the back end of these kinds of projects and can come out looking relatively small when put in front of clients and employers, or at least that's what it feels like (definitely with one of the sites which took me quite some time and is still very basic, however thats got to do with learning actual web design as i go). however, i can definitely feel myself beginning to think more creatively as my brain gets used to working in that way again after my insurance and non-profit stints. i like this.


i know i mentioned judah johnson in my last post, but i really can't say enough. the whole album is really good and might be one of the best of this year (this may have inspired me to write a "best of 2006" post, but we'll see, we all know how that goes).

last night my emusic account refilled, so by this weekend i will be 130 songs "richer". here's to hoping i make some good choices.

songs that played:
seville - cold shoulder
764-Hero - loaded painted red
american analog set - where did you come from
one line drawing - candle song
maharaj - an insect (officially now some of the most unlistenable stuff that i won and i love it)
jeff buckley - mojo pin

actually, on this note, what do you guys think of the "last.fm recently played tracks" thing in my sidebar? does it help anybody feel like they know what i'm listening to at the moment? does it help anyone discover new music? it doesn't really fit over there size-wise and i don't have the time to go in and mess with the code, but if even 1 person likes it, then it shall stay.