falling horribly behind...

as was pointed out on my wife's brand new blog in her comments section, i am now employed as a "blogger", so to speak, and should act as such. however, i am still in a content limbo and will most likely remain in such a state. so, for now, i will try to get back into things and write about life and music and other assorted things that only a few people actually care about.

the thanksgiving weekend was interesting, so here it is in "things i learned" format:

  • "emo" has lost all meaning to "kids", it is no longer the thing that i once loved and still do (in secret). apparently, the only way that the word "emo" is used nowadays is when it is followed by the word "fag"...which is pathetically disappointing on so many levels.
  • a 17-year-old confirmed for me my worst fear that i am now "the old guy that still acts young and thinks he's cool". how do i know this? i started to feel this way during a conversation with my wife's young cousin, so i asked... am i becoming "the old guy that still acts young and thinks he's cool"? the reply came, "yes". somebody sell me a burial plot. (this also relates almost directly to my first weekend learning).
  • black friday is not nearly as metal and cool as it sounds. i'll admit i was gung-ho about it; a little piece of americana that i had never experienced. 2 red bulls and a lot of standing in line later, i just needed a nap (i AM getting old). i did get some good jeans out of it though...
  • family rules, there are no other relationships like it. i wish that i had been as close to my grandparents as my wife is. i only have one left and i see my "grandma" maybe every other year when i can afford to fly to the UK.
  • long car trips with family do not rule. actually, that has more to do with the "long car trip" part than the "family" part.
  • rats eat plastic. why? i have no idea, but they do. how do they survive if they think plastic is food? answer me that.
  • my dog is awesome, many other dogs are not....that is all.
  • and last but not least, i learned that just when i give up on a season, the dawgs will come through; first auburn, now georgia tech...i am definitely more optimistic about next year than i was after the kentucky game.

my e-music account has been upgraded, so i am now at 65 songs per month...plus another 65 from, let's say, "an associate" with whom i have an agreement. anyway, here are some finds from that obnoxiously large amount of music that is now residing on an external hard drive that i purchased so that i wouldn't bring down my new macbook in one fell swoop:

Judah Johnson - Little Sounds
Antlerand - Now It's a Year

I am also really digging the new Brand New album, but they are too big to allow song downloads now...so go to their myspace and listen to Sowing Season (Yeah).

Also, local Atlanta band, Manchester Orchestra, who are good and play around town quite a bit, so maybe i will see you there....i'll be the one who looks a little more relaxed because i'm not the deer in the morning's headlights anymore.


songs that played:
failure - stuck on you
braid - quarters
mineral - july
radiohead - (nice dream)
of montreal - knight rider
outkast - two dope boyz (in a cadillac)
brand new - the quiet things that no one ever knows
matt pond pa - fairlee