things that go bump in the night...

so there we were, just after the release of Full Collapse, Thursday was coming to town and opening for Rival Schools at the Echo Lounge in Atlanta, GA what feels like an eon ago. my reasons for going were twofold: firstly, i loved the album Full Collapse and was pretty much ga-ga over Thursday at the time. secondly, i also loved Quicksand and wanted to see the most recent incarnation of that splintered line up.
as expected, the live performance of Thursday was sublime and explosive all at once. i've only had a few live show experiences like that in my life (one of them being Sunny Day Real Estate at the Masquerade another lifetime ago). i was equally impressed with Rival Schools, but apparently the rest of the pre-pubescent crowd was not as the place was half-empty for their set.
i now get around to the point of this post...the band that played before Thursday was a little known outfit called The Ghost. i was extremely impressed with the energy and poise that they showed on stage, enough so that i bought their first LP This is a Hospital on the spot. i listened to it over and over for months to come. as you can see on my sidebar, i just bought their sophomore effort and am equally impressed. i would definitely suggest that you check them out:


Banished and Loving It

here are more mp3's from Some Records:

Innaway - Wild
The Exit - Let's Go to Haiti
The New Transit Direction - Survival 101
Rival Schools/Onelinedrawing - Take One For the Team
Hot Water Music - Radio Free Gainesville
Beyond - One Kind Word



so there we weren't...

so i just haven't felt like updating much recently. i'm not sure why.... i found some good music and wanted to tell people about it but actually finding mp3's and writing about it has seemed like a chore in my head ... and i didn't want that. however, now i am ready to begin again. as before, several random things before the music:

- i have switched to Firefox ... and i love it, the more security warnings i hear about IE the more grateful i am that i took the leap.
- in the vein of being horribly behind the curve, i have also discovered download managers (i use this one), and am now getting music without even thinking, i just have to look at the screen and it starts getting stuff for me ... well, not actually, but close. it will work with Firefox if you make sure to add-on FlashGot.
- in the same spirit, but this time in the vein of being "un-hip", i am completely addicted to Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 .... another reason i have not updated my blog, i only have limited free time...what do you want from me?
- a new episode of The West Wing comes on tonight. i'm a little apprehensive about it because in the previews it shows Josh and Toby fighting and i'm not sure i want to see that...
- also, my "high speed" cable modem service sucks ass, sometimes it just stops delivering a connection while i'm in the middle of something ... like trying to play poker on-line ... then it will reconnect 30 seconds later and i will get kicked off the table where i was playing for taking too long and lose my money. sidenote: some of the people that play poker on-line are just straight up mean, a little trigger happy with the "abusive vote" that gets you kicked off. i tried to explain what was going on with my connection, but no ... goodbye beaner.

anyway, here is some music:

Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start - Internet EP
*(buy other stuff)

01. out to get me
02. dear erica
03. are we seeing this?
04. i'm growing out
05. track 5

The Lionheart Brothers
the pole dilemma
feed me eden
the sun in my eyes

Japancakes (from Athens, GA)*(buy)
The Waiting (live on KVRX in Austin)

i'm done for now, but i'm back...




so i've spent quite a bit of time trying to work this out for myself, but if anyone out there knows anything about HTML language and can tell me why the "contact me" line on the left of the screen there is all by itself....i would be forever indebted...



better late than never...

so apparently, when one starts a blog it has to be updated regularly or you get chastised because people now expect you to post and will stop reading if you don't. this may or may not be true....but i feel like i should post when i feel the urge to do so and not just force it for posting's sake.


a couple of random things to share before going on with the music portion of our programming:

1. if you haven't seen Hotel Rwanda yet, then do so....it will literally kick your emotional ass. Don Cheadle is incredible in his role and his supporting cast is astounding in their portrayal of the people caught up in this tragedy. go and see it at your local movie theatre and then go here and read about how the same thing is happening in the Sudan...

2. on a whole different note, go and see Sideways, as well. another spectacular movie. i'm not gonna say much except that i can't believe that Paul Giamatti was snubbed by the Academy and Thomas Haden Church will still, to me, always be "Lowell" from Wings or "Ned" from Ned & Stacey (which also included Debra Messing pre-Will & Grace).

3. it's snowing in Denver and i can't get the heating to come on... the irony is that my landlord was just here yesterday and i told him that we weren't having any problems with any of our systems or appliances....sigh.

4. check out M83, they are French and it is good...however i cannot find any mp3's to save my life. thus continues the questioning of how the "other guys" do it...i guess being just slightly behind the curve doesn't help.

5. i finally got "Gigantor" repaired, that's my 32" TV...i know you expected something larger with that name, but size is relative since i've been using a 19" TV/VCR combo ever since the big boy broke. anyway, now i can watch the WPT how it was meant to be viewed, with life size cards. speaking of which, there is a WPT marathon on the Travel Channel today, so i will wrap this up soon.

here are some choice tracks for this cold and dreary day:

Knapsack - Cellophane * (buy)
The Promise Ring - Why Did We Ever Meet? * (buy)
Cap'n Jazz - Little League * (buy)
The Gloria Record - Tired and Uninspired * (buy)

My Hotel Year - Everyday * (buy)
Cruiserweight - This Ain't No Beach Party * (buy)
Her Space Holiday - Through the Eyes of a Child * (buy)
(also...go here for some exclusive HSH remixes)
Boom Bip - Last Walk Around Mirror Lake Boards Of Canada (remix) * (buy)

"this is the winter of our discontent"