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and to all of those who believe that pirates really can save us from ourselves, i say:




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i stumbled across these guys today and thought i might share them with all of you. hailing from Echo Park, CA, they have a couple of ep's out and just signed with The Militia Group. sort of a garage-esque jangly sound with good harmonic guitar parts overlaid and vocals very reminiscent of one of my personal faves, red animal war. look for their first full length out on said label in mid-2006.
here are some songs:
- detox
- the easy life
- same as it was

and mainly because i started thinking about them, not for comparison sake:

the first full length, breaking in an angel, was put out on Deep Elm and i have since been smitten. taking their name from a line in the book red badge of courage, these guys play smart, angular rock with heart-on-the-sleeve post-hardcore breakdowns that punctuate the songs lending intensity to already emotionally-charged compositions. the intelligent and insightful lyrics are conveyed with distinctive and urgent vocals. i would recommend any album by these guys, but especially Breaking in an Angel, their first and most raw effort.

from Breaking in an Angel
- weak bones may break
- hope

from Black Phantom Crusades
- still
- right now, today, i don't believe in hell

from Polizida
- satellites
- mexico



if everyone jumped off a cliff...

  • the boys at wicked chops wrote about this first, but i would also like to put in my 2 cents....or 2 pence in this case.
    according to the BBC, the UK is looking at banning all internet poker ads that induce people to gamble, as in offering free entry into tourneys and free grand prizes like cars, trips, and other assorted awards. "why?", you ask, because they do not want to encourage people to start down the road toward a gambling problem.
    now, i understand that gambling can become an addictive habit, like alcohol, smoking, or narcotics...all of which have their respective "anonymous" clubs, gambling included. this is a touching concern for the UK govt. to have for its citizens, and commendable, too ... if it weren't so hypocritical.
    the national lottery in the UK is much like the lotteries you know and love in the US, you buy a ticket (there's a bunch of ways to play) and there are drawings or scratch-offs....and it has its own tv show...on tv, where ads run (or adverts), in between the parts of the lottery show. people watch this show, where the amount of the prizes are shown and inducements given for playing the lottery, and then spend their hard-earned money on a chance, nay, a gamble, that their ticket will come up a winner. tv > inducement > gamble > gambling problem ... does this not follow the same formula that the govt. accuses the poker industry of following?
    it would appear that the state is allowed to induce you to gamble, but no one else is ... especially if the gambling requires skill. one assumes that you just cross your fingers as the logo suggests, instead of using your brain.

    question: if the state is trying to protect you from yourself, who is protecting you from the state?


  • 11.10.2005

    my feet literally haven't touched the ground....

    ...for the last few weeks. i can't even begin to explain how instupituously busy i have been. needless to say that we are now homeowners (in debt up to our eyeballs) and more well-travelled than we were before.
    the weekend to start the madness was like the movie four weddings and a funeral, only with just 3 weddings and no funeral, so it would be more like a sequel: more weddings and a wedding then a conference. minneapolis followed by denver and then big canoe.
    then a day later i went to sao paulo, brazil for a week to a non-profit conference that we organized. i would like to tell you about the city and its urban sprawl and overwhelming poverty, but all i saw was the hotel, the conference center, and the inside of my eyelids.
    ...or was it...
    there are some of you who might appreciate this - it was about 12.15am one morning and i had just returned to my room where i turned on the tv in the hopes of having it lull me to sleep. as i was flipping through the channels, i saw a familiar face....i thought and looked more closely and sure enough it was a very young looking Mark from the upcoming season of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Gauntlet II and several previous challenges. the premise appeared to be that a hitchhiker had stolen his truck and wallet and so he himself was hitchhiking, some guy picked him up and picked him up and after 30 seconds of conversation offered him a job as a lifeguard at the santa monica beach club. he arrived, blah, blah, blah, bad plot, stupid movie...falling a..sl..eep...him and woman walking to jacuzzi.... then all of a sudden its all asses and elbows, and i'm wide awake. some of you might point out that i should have seen this coming, but i was tired so leave me alone. anyway, that prompted a quick channel change (lest it somehow show up on the hotel bill even though i never pressed any buttons, i swear, i think Cine Action becomes Cine Erotica after midnight) and a note to self to tell the wife....because she likes Mark and its fun to crush people's perceptions of other people.
    i really am truly sorry that this is the best story that i have to tell after so much time off, but other stories would be work-related or inside jokes, and that's just not cool.
    anyway, i just got done with the madness and am moving this weekend into the new ITP (for ATL people) residence, where i shall be able to again live a normal life and have extra time to write and look for music.
    unfortunately, i have had no time to look for or buy new music although the list is getting longer of bands to check out and music to buy, beg, borrow, or steal.
    i'm open to suggestions for music and anything else you might like to suggest to me....please keep in mind i'm not very flexible.

    some tracks that have nothing to do with anything:

    last days of april - i'm calm now
    - absence
    - full crescent crusade
    dntel - life is full of possibilities
    starflyer 59 - wake up early
    bear vs. shark
    - 5,6 kids
    - the great dinosaurs with fifties section
    - seven stop hold restart
    joan of arc - white out