on redirects and media conglomerates...

so, during the normal meandering through the interweb that makes up my daily routine, i came across the bodog myspace page. "huh", i thought to myself and loudly across the office, "this is a great looking myspace page...i wonder if they manipulated the page themselves and what does the coding look like to do that." i was looking for some ideas and this type of layout would work really well for a client. i pulled up the page source and saw that all of their images and video were being hosted on 'http://creative.myspace.com'. ok, interesting, so it looks like they probably paid a pretty penny to get myspace to design and/or host their layout for them, which explains why the page, in some fundamental ways, can't just be a modified profile like the one's available to us peons.

well, i decided that i would take a look at that root 'creative' site and see if this is a service that is offered publicly and might be democratically available, like most other myspace services have been in the past, or just offered to those with the big bucks. what happened next was rather amusing, though probably just to me. i typed in 'creative.myspace.com' and after a couple of flickers, really milliseconds, i was redirected to this page: http://streaming.myfoxatlanta.com/.

"what?!?, how did i get to my local fox affiliate's streaming media site," you may ask. well, as if to hammer home the point that myspace is home to the "big boys" now, my ip address was tracked and i was sent to my closest fox media website. "why?" fox, myspace, and a litany of other media outlets are now all part of the same media empire belonging to one Rupert Murdoch. i know this is not particularly earth-shattering, but it definitely shows that the media world is getting smaller. myspace and fox on the same level, who would've thunk. plus, i now definitely have my work cut out for me to keep up.

songs that played:
the used - buried myself alive
dirty on purpose - mafia lights
dntel - last songs
luxury - the needs of the many, the needs of the few


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sandip said...

Hmmn..thats intresting. Even i went through the same thing.